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Posted on: November 13, 2008 4:22 pm

The Vikes

    So I find it difficult to read all posts and threads about the Vikings, AND to respond to them. Not to mention I don't want my post on page 4 where nobody will find it. In other words I am going ot sum up my thoughts on the season in progress for our very own purple warriors.

    I would like to start by saying, like most of you probably think, our 5-4 record would fall under the category of "Not meeing expectations." We came into this year with one of the most heralded defenses in the league, a big signing of a DE and a guy that could actually be a #1 receiver, and of course one of, if not the most explosive running back in the NFL. It seemed our only question mark was the QB position. And all of us know that only us with our "Minnesota Sports Luck" would have our one question mark be on perhaps the most important position on the football field. 

   Nonetheless, the season started and as expected we fell short early with a lack of solid quarterback play. However, as we squandered great defensive games and 100 yard rushing efforts from AP, we also unearthed other big questions about our team. I've chosen three questions to illustrate here as our most devastating: Special Teams, Childress, and our Secondary. We have given up 6 special teams touchdowns, seem to be very conservative on offense, and our secondary is only slightly improved from last year despite having an All-Pro defensive line. And regardless of which problem is the MOST detrimental, we all can agree that they are, in fact, all important and have contributed to all four of our losses.

  Having said all this negatively so far, I am still optimistic about our playoff chances. We are in position to win a very mediocre division, and we won two games that we should've lost thanks to our defense and God himself on earth, Adrian Peterson. The football gods have blessed us with time still to improve on our weaknesses. Which will not be easy considering the schedule we have to close out the year. It's almost funny how daunting are next few games are, but if we succeed, we will be fine tuned for the playoffs.

  My hopes for the remainder of the season will be highlighted next. First, we obviously need to keep giving the ball to AP. 25-30 times a game, minimum. And if he's tired, put Taylor in. He is a more than capable back. The point is, we need to run. Second, in my opinion, is throwing the ball more deep and more often and not only on third down. Rice is back, and we got Berrian for this very reason. Try early in the series so we aren't so predictable, and so if we miss, we still have downs to pick up the first. Third, keep the pressure up on D. Our pass rush is good and I think that our secondary is close. We have one of the best in Winfield so we need to play off his momentum. Fourth, our special teams. I don't know how to fix it. Maybe play pom pom pullaway in practice?? Regardless of what we do, it's simple, stay in your lanes, and TACKLE, DAMMIT! Haha but no I remain as always very optimistic. Wins are wins, and we are in the running for the playoffs. It's our jobs as fans to talk about the problems, but to always want improvement, and most of all, to always believe in our team. If we aren't going to fire Childress or change QB's, we need to deal with what we've got. After all, not every team that wins the Super Bowl is perfect.

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